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Isobar & Namics YourTech20 Webinar

Riding the wave: How pharma companies keep pace with ever faster digitalization

Wednesday 31st March 2021, 10:00 AM to 10:20 AM CEST (UTC +2)
E-health, connected devices, online pharmacies: digitalization is significantly accelerating in both OTC (over-the-counter) and prescriptive medicine markets. Marketeers in pharmaceutical companies are facing a range of challenges: how do you transfer digital experiences from interaction with consumer brands into the pharmaceutical world? How to decrease time-to-market in a heavily regulated environment? How to turn classical project management into agile product development?

Join our pharmaceutical market experts Tobias Hollritt, Head of Sales for German Switzerland region at Isobar Switzerland, and Jens Reufsteck, Account Director at Namics, in a discussion over the potential of digital marketing for the pharma industry. Learn more about how pharmaceutical companies embrace customer experience strategies, increase content velocity based on leveraging content and asset management, and how to avoid most common pitfalls when implementing agility.

Tobias Hollritt

Head of Sales for German Switzerland at Isobar

Jens Reufsteck

Account Director at Namics

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